Smart Cities – Issues & Challenges

Transition to a smart city isn’t going on at the same rate for every city. The cities are so dynamic and unpredictable – depending on size, political climate, cultural, mindset, demographics and much more.

Is there a simple formula in building a successful smart city? Let’s look at various issues and challenges. Probably these are the ones that need to focus and resolve first in order for us to move forward:

  1. Many cities have no teams or individuals for smart city delivery
  2. Low awareness of smart initiatives
  3. Many are keen to develop smart solutions but had no means and competencies to do so
  4. Acquiring funding as a major barrier to smart initiatives
  5. Lack of sustainable business cases for smart city projects
  6. Proof of return on investment can be hard to come by, making it difficult to convince senior council members to invest or allocate funds
  7. Lack of collaboration attributed to the siloed nature of local governments
  8. The need to collaborate both internally and with private organizations
  9. Prioritize problems to pinpoint the right initiatives to progress
  10. Create open data to enable third parties to develop solutions
  11. Cost efficiency will be key in motivating councils to invest in smart cities
  12. Highlighting the ways that existing infrastructure can be optimised (rather than replaced) is another way to ensure that smart cities move up the list of council priorities
  13. Smart cities are simply not deemed to be a strategic priority by most local authorities, resulting in low resource allocation and a lack of direction or over-arching strategy to provide a pathway to delivery


Smart cities need a Champion and NOT Champions


Author: Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of REDtone IOT. An IOT Evangelist, Keynote Speaker and IOT Thought Leader.


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