Malaysia’s National IoT Strategic Roadmap – 2016 In Review

As we lower down the curtains for the year 2016, the IOT Strategic Roadmap has reached 1.5 years old. Here’re some of the developments in 2016 and maybe you want to compare these to my previous article:

  1. Year of Events – 2016 has seen a lot of IoT activities including numerous IOT and Smart City conferences, exhibitions, and hackathons.
  2. IoT in University’s’ Syllabus – We should have this content in the syllabus 3-5 years ago. We are late in incorporating the awareness at the grass-root level. The new “IoT-awareness” generations are just workers while the non-IoT engineers are still holding the management positions.
  3. Another Year of Blueprint – Selangor State launched a Blueprint of its plan to become a “Smart State” by 2025
  4. Disappointing Budget for IoT – With all the hype surrounding IoT, we did not see a specific budget allocation for IoT that might help to expedite all the action items laid forth in the Roadmap.
  5. Big Data with No IoT Data – Big Data Analytics have the same hype cycle as IoT but they lacked the Use Cases. Nearly everyone talked and wanted to take a bite of BDA but not many are able to provide enough IoT data to them. Not mentioning the challenges in making Open Data.
  6. Smart City that’s missing the “smartness” – We are still missing the “smartness” in executing smart city projects. Many cities are still clueless where to start even though we have several blueprints already in placed.

Check out my next article regarding 2017 IoT Prediction in Malaysia. Will Smart Cities still be another hype or will it become a reality? Will another industry take the leading role in IoT deployment? What’s the fate of IoT startups in Malaysia?


Author: Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of REDtone IOT. An IOT Evangelist, Keynote Speaker and IOT Thought Leader.



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